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So. Sewing Summit 2012 is officially sold out. Yes, our tickets went on sale at 9:00 am this morning, by 9:01 there were 100 tickets sold. Throughout the rest of the day, I watched the registration stats like a hawk and incredulously, about 10 hours later, I realized that we were going to sell out & I needed to take the registration link off our website.

People. I am stunned. I am not an easily stunnable person, I am a pretty big skeptic. I would have bet you cash money yesterday that we would never sell out in 10 hours. But now, having this all start to sink in, I’m really not that surprised. I think it speaks volumes about what this sewing community wants, what we need. If you read my blog post yesterday, you know that I believe in getting people together, getting people out & meeting each other. I think it’s imperative. This confirms that to 1000 degrees!

Picture via Terri at Sew Fantastic

I am going to speak with our venue & see what we can do about releasing more tickets. I am starting a “wait list” to gauge interest in how many of you out there would buy a ticket if there were more available. If that’s you – send a quick email to This will not be an email address we monitor or reply to – so no need to say anything more than “I’d buy a ticket”. Keep in mind – this is not a guarantee that we will be releasing more tickets, it’s just to give us an idea of what we have to work with.

Also, I have to keep in mind the lucky people that did register today. When Sewing Summit was formed, we always had in mind a smaller, niche, approximately 250 person event where people could genuinely connect & you weren’t just cattle-called through big ballrooms & halls. I want to provide a place where you can do that – and it’s a delicate balance. I have a lot of thinking to do, I need a big diet Coke, and I <3 you all so much!

Can’t WAIT for October!

- Erin


  1. Erin, this is amazing. I am so proud of what you’ve accomplished. I hit send on my email as soon as I saw this, because I didn’t get a ticket today, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

    • I’m sure there is a huge excitement going through you. So awesome what you have accomplished. I’m excited to meet you and all the other fabulous bloggers I admire.

  2. I’m so excited and happy that I managed to get registered before it was sold out.

  3. Had I realized in advance that my AmEx would not be accepted, I would have had the registration funds waiting elsewhere. I would totally be there if more tickets were available.

  4. Unbelievable. I am so glad I got online first thing this morning. I would have been so devastated if I had missed it this year. Erin and staff, you are awesome. Good job!

  5. I did get registered today, but I would so love it if you would consider holding an East Coast Sewing Summit in the future. Perhaps Atlanta, or maybe even Nashville where a new huge convention center is going up downtown and slated to open within the year!

    • Nashville is not East Coast lol. How about Lancaster, PA – awesome fabric stores and a great local experience that a lot of people out west haven’t had in “Amish Country”. Tons of little stores and towns around to do a shop hop – and a lot of stores are very modern but have a great mix of traditional too.

      Or NYC or Boston… I can drive to both of those from Delaware ;-)

      • OR how about good ol’ Midwest, like Chicago? :)

        • Chicago – totally would be able to make it to one in Chicago!

        • Me too! Love the idea!

    • Oh, please please please Atlanta!

  6. Wow! That is amazing!!! So glad I got in! Thank you so much for putting this together! I am so excited! And congrats on starting something totally awesome!

  7. I kew you would sell out fast! Congrats Erin, et al. ! I can’t wait!

  8. So glad I stayed up till 1:00am in Australia and managed to get both myself and my mom registered in the first 50. We went last year and are really looking forward to it!

  9. Congratulations on the sucess!
    Selfishly, one of my first thoughts was “oh no!” because if by some miracle I can afford to go one year, I now know I’ll have to fight for a ticket too!

  10. I’m beyond thrilled that I was able to register in time AND being one of the first 50 was the icing on the cake. I feel very lucky! Looking forward to October!

  11. So glad I did not dilly dally yesterday.. I did not remember until the afternoon… And then was going to just wait and decide later because I did not make the first 50. So excited I didn’t!

  12. I was guessing end of the week – so awesome that you sold out so fast! Definitely afirms everything you said about how we want and need this experience for our online community to connect :) Maybe there should be 2 a year – can you imagine organizing that? lol.

  13. Gaaaaah, I am kicking myself. I tried to get in yesterday and missed the first 50, so I thought no biggie I have plenty of time to register. I had no idea there were limited tickets. Glad is it successful. Keeping my fingers crossed that they release more. Please please pretty please? ;)

  14. I am so excited for you Erin! What an amazing event and you can be sure that I’m saving up my pennies for Sewing summit 2013!! By then baby will be 1 and I’ll be ready to sew big time. So happy this is so successful and I can’t wait to see all the wonderful things that you learn and do this year!

  15. I am not surprised it sold out! It would be great if you could keep a waiting list (and even consider an East Coast Summit!)…although I did get my ticket yesterday, I am crossing my fingers for those who didn’t register in time.

  16. Yes, I think an East Coast Summitt fits the ticket!!!! You have Florida but then to be really centered there is North Carolina! What about the mountains of Western North Carolina, so beautiful and so about handmade. Think about it. Lots to do and so quaint. I would even help ya!!! East coast yay!!!! I see something big coming!!!!!

  17. Wow! Living right here in Salt Lake, I was watching the clock, ticking down the moments until 9am yesterday. As soon as it was up, I registered, but rather dawdled through the process. I did get in on the first 50 and am thrilled to be participating. Looking forward to meeting everyone.

  18. wow wow! I’m kicking myself for not jumping on it fast enough. that’s so wonderful though! hope you can open up a few more tickets. :)

  19. congrats! but i guess no sewing summit for me this year :(

  20. Totally love the East Coast idea! Please, please, please :-).

  21. Oh no! I was hoping it wouldn’t be full soon so I had a bit more time to save. I’ll have to put my money towards next year!

  22. Congratulations on the sell-out! THAT IS AWESOME!! I am so glad I was able to get in, although just missing the first 50, registration went thru five minutes after tickets went on sale! Also excited that my frequent flyer miles took care of my airfare. Now to find a room mate to fill the other half of my reserved room! I am SO EXCITED and looking forward to meeting everyone and all that you have planned for us attendees! THANK YOU For all your hard work putting this together!!!

  23. I would love to attend. Please put me on your waiting list. Thanks Terah

    • Hi Terah, make sure you send an email for the waitlist so we can see if we have enough interest to open up more space!

  24. This is such exciting news for Sewing Summit– but sad for those of us who missed out!!! Not sure if you got the email I sent to I also want to vote here for a waiting list– with my name on it!! :-)) Thanks!

  25. I think you should move it to AZ! The weather is always great that time of year, we have lots of convention centers to host it, and it’s closer to my house! Ha!

  26. I vote for an east coast summit, too! that would be awesome! boston…..or even vermont – so pretty there

  27. I too would love an East Coast summit…especially since I’m moving back east from California next summer and my baby won’t be nursing anymore…here’s hoping!

  28. I had been thinking an East Coast Summit would be great since the last Summit (which I attended). I would love to spearhead it on this end with tutoring and oversight by Erin snice this is most definatly your baby and always would be. And I’m in VA, could be interesting! lol

  29. BTW, it could work. We could stagger them, also. A spring one and a fall one… hint, hint….


  30. I would love to attend if you are able to expand the group!!

  31. SO would love to attend–hoping yo decide to expand the summit!

  32. Any news on more tickets released? I e-mailed for the waitlist, but I was just wondering if you had an update?

  33. I am so bummed that I was sitting in meetings all day during registration. But hopefully more tickets will open up!

  34. Please sign me up on the waitlist. I’m up in Ogden and would love to get involved with other sewers and quilters. I’m more high touch than high teck so computors are a little scarrie for me.

    Thank you GMa Utah

  35. Hi, just wondering if there would be any more tickets for sale?? I am from Utah and I would love to make it to this year’s Sewing Summit. Thank so much, Michelle Jensen

  36. yfpjkxahayfe

  37. Incredible quest there. What occurred after? Good


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