4 Favorites 4 Friday: Katy Jones

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Today’s 4 Favorites 4 Friday feature is Katy Jones, who blogs at I’m A Ginger Monkey and is part of the Fat Quarterly team (and recently published author!)  You can read Katy’s Sewing Summit bio on our teacher page.

What is a favorite sewing tip?

Cut your scraps up into useable 5″ charm squares or 2.5″ squares as you finish a project, it will give you an easily accessible stash of squares ready for last minute scrappy projects and makes storage so much easier!

What is a favorite project/s made by you?

I love my hexy MF quilt (which I’m currently doing a summer quilt along for over on the Fat Quarterly blog). It isn’t a difficult quilt, but gives me so much pleasure looking at it and snuggling under it.

Hexy MF
What is a favorite project/s made by someone else?

I have so many favourites made by other people, it’s hard to pick just one. I do love this quilt by Megan of Philistine Made, and anything she does if I’m quite honest!
scrappy trip around the world!
Wild card question:  Do you have any advice for someone who is just starting out sewing & blogging?

Be yourself. Don’t try to be someone you think others will like, just be true to yourself and do what you enjoy. Make projects you like, use fabrics you like, let your personality shine through and people will love you more for it. And if they don’t – that’s their problem, not yours.

Thanks, Katy, for the tips and inspiration. You can find Katy on Twitter, Etsy, and at Fat Quarterly.

All photos used with permission.


  1. Love, love, love the tip about cutting up scraps into 5″ squares when you’re left with funky shaped remnants at the end of a project. I will be implementing this immediately! Thanks Katy :-D

  2. Cutting up scraps into usable pieces? Best. Tip. Ever. Thanks Katy — looking forward to meeting you and everyone else at the SS!

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