4 Favorites 4 Friday: Melissa Esplin

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Today’s 4 Favorites 4 Friday feature is Melissa Esplin, who blogs at I Still Love You.  You can read her Sewing Summit bio on our teacher page.
What is a favorite sewing tip?
Twin Needles! Use those for a polished and forgiving straight stitch on jersey fabric. Pin, Pin, Pin! When sewing garments, the more I pin, the better everything turns out.

What is a favorite project/s made by you?
Gosh, that’s a toughie. At this very second, I’m very proud of the reversible maternity/nursing top I made for Krista. It fits her perfectly and I love that I used one of Chris’s old shirts and a scrap of fabric given to me by my mom (circa 1980s).

 What is a favorite project/s made by someone else?
I’m loving the new MakeKind column by Laura Parke, contributor of Design for Mankind. I love everything in the series, but namely the polka dot DIY tights. Simple. Adorable.
DIY polka dot tights
Wild Card: Share a favorite thing about the city you live in (or SLC, where SS is being held)
Funny, the two cities are the same for me. I grew up in Salt Lake City dreaming of escaping, finally making my escape to the big city of San Francisco and now finding myself settling down permanently in the mountains of Salt Lake. There are so many things to love: the dry air that makes the extremes in seasons bearable, the mountains, the cheap cost of living
But mostly I love the food. Downtown has some amazing eats that are not to be missed. The dreamiest of eats is Bruge’s Waffles & Frites. I always get the same thing: cinnamon liege waffle with chocolate, creme fraiche and a seasonal fruit (peaches are a must!). It’s a little piece of heaven biting into that delicious treat.
Thanks, Melissa, for sharing some inspiration with us. You can also find Melissa here:  Twitter  Pinterest
All photos used with permission

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