Announcing: Joel Dewberry as a keynote speaker

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Today we’re excited to share with you that fabric & pattern designer Joel Dewberry will be joining us at Sewing Summit 2012 on Saturday afternoon as one of our keynote speakers.

For those of you that know of Joel I’m sure you’re just as excited as we are to have the chance to hear from him in person, and for those of you that don’t know of him yet, let me fill you in on just why we love Mr. Dewberry so much!

Joel Dewberry at Sewing Summit

Joel grew up in a home where he was introduced early to the joy of expressing his creativity through a variety of artistic mediums. His mother, a renowned artist herself, nurtured his natural inclination toward the arts, and along with his father, encouraged him in finding his passion and developing it into his life’s work. In 2000, Joel graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design from Brigham Young University. During his studies there he cultivated an appreciation and love of all things tactile. His attention to detail, quality craftsmanship and respect for design antiquity poised him as an outstanding talent among his peers. After acquiring more than 10 years of brand development experience in a wide variety of industries, including the home and textile market, Joel realized his ultimate reward by launching his own textiles brand, Joel Dewberry Eclectic Modern in May 2007.

Modern Meadow {x 2!} Baby Boy Quilt
(photo credit)

You probably know Joel best by his gorgeous fabric lines. Aviary, Deer Valley & Heirloom are some of the most beloved & collected lines among sewists today. His designs are a reflection of the way he sees life, valuing the classic beauty that never goes out of style, but always open to a fresh and modern reinterpretation. Joel’s work is about the satisfaction derived from adding a personal touch to a project, a room, an event and embellishing life in a way that leaves your mark.

We are very excited to get the chance to hear Joel speak about his personal Creative Journey and gain insight to where he gets his inspiration for his fabulous fabric & pattern designs, including his new line with Westminster Fabrics, Notting Hill, due to stores in November. He’ll also be taking questions from the Sewing Summit community via our Twitter & Facebook accounts, so watch for the call for questions for him there – he might answer yours!


  1. Exciting! I’d forgotten that we hadn’t heard about this part of the schedule!

  2. This is such exciting news!

  3. I will try very hard to keep calm. This is incredible news.

    • We’re pretty excited too, Whitney! :)

  4. This is incredible! Joel Dewberry is one of my most adored fabric designers. Unfortunately, I’m going to miss the keynote address in order to get home in time for my son’s birthday. Arggg! Wish I could do both!

    • Amy, just as a note, Joel is the keynote speaker at lunch on Saturday, just in case you’ll still be there for that. We actually have another speaker to announce for Saturday’s dinner!

      • Erin, I will be there for lunch! You’ve made my day, er… week!!!! Thanks for clarifying.

  5. This is definitely one of my most anticipated classes. I am so excited to hear from him. :)

    • Yes! He’s going to be a great speaker! Definitely a fun person to listen to over lunch!

  6. I am excited to hear him. I wish I had room to bring my Swoon quilt in Heirloom! It’s one of my favorite lines of fabric

    • Heirloom is gorgeous, Diane! We’ll have some bundles of it to giveaway during lunch!

  7. O – my – goodness – this is the first time I’ve seen this and I am over the moon giddy with happiness! I have a fabric crush on Joel Dewberry – not him (nice man tho I am sure he is) but his creative fabric genius – love love love! And I can’t believe I am lucky enough to hear him speak at Sewing Summit – you girls are making my dreams come true with this conference more and more each time you make announcements, ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! (yes, that was a “teen girl meets Justin Bieber” scream… I’ll keep it in my head at the conference, I promoise! lol

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