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One of the goals I had for Sewing Summit 2012 was the presence of a theme for the conference threaded throughout the weekend. Sewing Summit is unlike any other sewing retreat or blogging conference out there in that in offers a balance of learning (workshops, lectures) with connecting & inspiring (open sewing time, community dinners & meetups). Coming up with a theme that reflected both of those aspects & also could apply to all the different types of attendees coming was tough!

It all started back in April when I attended the SNAP! Conference & found this amazing selvedge globe for sale at the Queen Bee Market. I immediately knew I HAD to have it for Sewing Summit! (It’s gone through a bit of a makeover since I bought it that day – keep your eye out for it at the conference!)

A selvedge globe. I repeat. A selvedge GLOBE! So fun! #snapconf #qbm


Then one day I was talking with Ali, the teacher coordinator for Sewing Summit, and we were brainstorming what to call a special 4 part series of classes we wanted to have that were more personal & intimate & really focused on the journeys of the teachers. Ali suggested “A Creative Journey” and I knew it was perfect – for the 4 class series as well as the overall theme for the conference.

The definition of journey can be either a physical traveling from one place to another (people are coming to Sewing Summit from all over the world this year!), or a more metaphorical passage or progress from one stage to another. Each of us are at different stages of our own personal Creative Journey and my hope with Sewing Summit is that every attendee will feel welcomed & inspired no matter what stage they’re at.

The attendees of Sewing Summit will see the globe as well as the Creative Journey theme throughout different parts of the weekend & I hope that it reminds you to really think about your own personal Creative Journey that brought you to the conference. Whether you’re a accomplished seamstress looking to start a blog or connect with others online, or whether you’re part of my beloved online sewing community who’ve I’ve been engaging with and befriending for years – or anywhere in between – I hope you leave Salt Lake City feeling uplifted, connected, with some new skills & friendships formed, and feeling a new love for the common thread that brought us all together in the first place – sewing.


And finally to introduce the last 4 Sewing Summit 2012 teachers: Lindsay Conner of Craft Buds, Rachel Howard from Family Ever After, John Adams from Quilt Dad & Amanda Herring from The Quilted Fish – the Creative Journey teachers! Each of these 4 people are unique & knowledgeable & incredibly fun – I’m honored that they will be sharing their personal Creative Journeys with you. They each offer so much back to the sewing community in the forms of their extensive knowledge & creativity, and not only are they all very informative – they’re incredibly inspirational as well. I know these 4 classes are going to be crowd favorites!


  1. I was really excited when I saw this portion of the agenda. I am really interested in other people’s stories and how they got where they are today. I am really looking forward to the creative journey lecture series. Thanks for all the great ideas and amazing work you have put into this conference. !!!

    Lisa Langford

    • Thanks so much, Lisa! They should be some great lectures.

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