What to Expect: Pack Your Bags!

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I travel cross country several times a year, often by myself with two little kids in tow. Packing for these trips inevitably has me calling my mom the night before I leave, kind of in freak out mode about what to pack. Am I forgetting something? (Always). Am I packing too little? (Rarely). My mom always says: take a deep breath. ┬áMake sure you packed your glasses/contacts–anything else you can buy or borrow when you get there. So, make sure you have your glasses/contacts/necessities, and we will see you in a week!

Fall in Utah

Here’s a few suggestions & hints about traveling to Utah for Sewing Summit 2012:

The Weather

Fall in Utah this year has been gorgeous- I’m hoping the trees are still in full color next weekend. Currently, the weather forecast is mild -highs in the high sixties and low seventies and lows in the high thirties and low forties. (Which of course means that people coming from warm places are going to freeze, and those coming from cooler places are going to laugh). Make sure to check the weather before you leave, (we like weather.com), as I’m sure it will change a few times. I would recommend bringing a light coat (and a scarf and gloves if you are a weather wimp like me), and a sweater for the hotel. ┬áHotel conference rooms are always on the chilly side. Layers are key!

Charm Squares Zippers OLFA rotary cutters

What to pack? Sewing Stuff:

Thanks to our amazing sponsors, we will have Sewing Summit 2012 stocked to the brim with great supplies & notions (BabyLock machines, Madeira thread, OLFA cutting mats & rotary cutters, etc) so that you don’t HAVE to bring anything. That said, if you have a pair of scissors you super-duper love or want to pack your own little sewing emergency kit of a seam ripper, fabric marker & snips, please feel free to. It might make it easier in the sewing rooms during some of the more notion-heavy times in class. A personal sized cutting mat, if you have one, might be a good idea as there won’t be one at every sewing machine space. Also make sure to bring whatever supplies are asked for from your teacher for the classes you are taking (mostly fabric requirements, noted on the .pdf here).

What about projects to work on? Honestly, I bet you won’t get as much done as you think you will, because you’ll be having too much fun chatting & hanging out with your new friends. That said, a hand-sewing/knitting/cross stitch project if you have one might be fun, as there will be others sitting around that would love seeing what you’re working on. Also, if you want to bring your sewing machines, you absolutely can, but there will be limited space to set them up as we’ve expanded the number of sponsored machines this year. Also, an extension cord would be handy to have just in case you need to stretch to a plug!

What to pack? Clothing:

This might seem obvious, but bring what you are most comfortable wearing. For some people, that will be jeans, a t-shirt, a sweater and flats (um, that’s me). For others, it will be handmade clothing, awesome refashions, or on-trend ensembles. Be sure to pack something comfortable for late night sewing & hanging out–this may be the perfect time to wear the new lounge pants or maxi skirt you made in class! There is a gym onsite, as well as a pool and hot tub, so pack accordingly if you plan to use either. We are a comfortable & laid back group!

What to pack? Miscellaneous:

Your airline ticket. Drivers license. Cash & credit card. Transportation details to & from airport (We recommend making a reservation with Express Shuttle or grabbing a cab). Phone/charger. Camera/charger. Notebook to jot down ideas/notes/blog addresses. Something to keep business cards in. Your handmade nametag, if you made one. And don’t forget your glasses! See you soon.


  1. I am so excited to attend classes and meet the ladies who have spent so much time, talent and energy on this Summit. We all know that ‘fabric’ ladies are a special breed but your organizational skills are to be commended. Only a few more days !!!

  2. I wish I’d known about this conference earlier. I’d love to attend. I definitely plan on being there next year. Enjoy the conference!!

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