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Sew It All Sewing Summit contest

Have you heard of Sew iT All magazine before? I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know the Editor In Chief, Ellen March, a little bit over the past few months, as well as her fantastic magazine. If you haven’t seen it before, I think this snippet from their website bio explains it perfectly:

With its pattern-free projects and stress-free approach, Sew iT All encourages readers to break the rules and deviate from the norm to discover techniques, tools and shortcuts that make sewing easier, faster and more fun.

Doesn’t that sound perfect? I have seen a few editions of the magazine in person, and I can tell you that it’s gorgeously put together, and the projects are super approachable & do-able. We all are busy with our hands in lots of different projects these days, but if you have ever thought about submitting your tutorials or ideas for publication in a magazine before, this might just be the chance for you!

Sew It All Magazine Sewing Summit has partnered with Sew iT All magazine to offer an exclusive contest & editorial call just for Sewing Summit attendees. We are giving attendees a very rare chance to talk to a magazine editor in person (Ellen will be attending Sewing Summit!) and submit your garment, home dec & accessory projects for consideration into publication into the December 2013 issue!

When conceiving your proposal, think about current fashion and sewing trends, specialty techniques or tools that make the sewing process easier, potential additional sidebars that give extra information, and more that may add to the proposal.

We’ll be selecting multiple participants to have their project published, and selected contributers will be paid between $100-$300 per project, depending on complexity. As a featured contributor, you’ll appear on our “Experts” page, where you’ll have the opportunity to mention your blog, books, products and anything else you’d like to promote. Once the issue is published, you’ll be invited to write a guest blog post to promote your project (and blog) on the Sew News/Sew it All blog, which will also be promoted on our social media pages.

I am super excited to be able to offer this to attendees of Sewing Summit 2012, if you’ve been wanting to be published this is a great opportunity! Put your thinking caps on about what possible projects you might want to submit. You can download a .pdf of the full contest rules & more information here.


  1. My c0author Nicole and I (of Improv Sewing) were lucky enough to be guests on Ellen’s PBS show, Sew It All TV. She is a really lovely person…we had so much fun hanging out with her! The mag is great too. What a fantastic opportunity!

  2. Is this contest for Sewing Summit 2012 or 2013? The link to the contest rules and more information above specifies 2012….it sounds very fun so I’m hoping it is for 2013!

  3. Learning to Sew, One Project at a Time: a beginning sewing book that guides the reader through a series of projects, building skills in the process!

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