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Here we go! For attendees of Sewing Summit the class selection process has been both one of the most fun & most stressful parts of our event in years past. This year class registration will be handled a bit differently, which we previously blogged about here. Class registration is now open – and will remain open – until we have everyone scheduled with a full agenda of classes. We will email out your personalized schedules starting on August 20th (only if you have filled out the class selection survey below).

Here’s how it all works:

- You’ll need to fill out your desired class choices through the Google form that is linked below this post. It should be able to handle everyone at the same time, although you don’t have to rush – there is NO first come, first served component. Your choices will be submitted to us on a secure spreadsheet that will keep track of everything.

- Starting on August 13th (one week from registration start) we’ll go through each class & using a randomized allocation process based on the priorities given to us by each attendee, schedule everyone for their classes & lectures. We’ll do the best we can to give each of you as many of your highest-prioritized classes as possible!

- On the form you will be selecting your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice classes for each time slot. You will not be able to submit the form if you don’t have a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice selection for each time slot.

- First choice classes are not guaranteed. We will try as hard as possible to get everyone their ideal schedule, but sometimes it just won’t work. Have we told you that all the classes are awesome? They really are!

- On August 20th (two weeks from registration start) we’ll begin sending out your personalized agenda with the classes that you’ve been assigned. That gives you a month to plan for your class & gather the required materials & supplies.

- Some classes will be subject to a small class materials fee. You will be sent an invoice with your finalized class agenda with any applicable fees.

- If you do not fill out the Google form with your preferred choices of classes, we’ll randomly assign you a schedule & give you a copy when you check-in to the event.

Please feel free to ask questions. We want this to be as fair and as unstressful as possible! Have fun picking out your schedule & we can’t wait to see you!


Select Classes Here


  1. I just registered now 8/21 and wonder if there is a list of classes still available? Otherwise I will spend a lot of time selecting classes that are already full.

  2. When will we receive class supply lists?

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