Announcing the Sewing Summit 2013 Machine Sponsor – BERNINA!

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With exactly 1 month left until the 2013 Sewing Summit we’ve got a bunch of fun announcements to make & this is one we’re most excited about!

We’re thrilled to announce our sewing machine room sponsor is BERNINA! Our sewing rooms this year will be stocked with a variety of BERNINA machines for you to use during your sewing classes & during open sew every night. BERNINA representatives will be on hand to answer any questions you have about their machines. Local BERNINA dealer Nuttall’s will be selling the Sewing Summit machines at a great price if you find that you just can’t go home without your own.

Because we’re so excited about this partnership we have worked to release a small amount of Sewing Summit 2013 full conference tickets – they’re available at our Eventbrite link here. We have been sold out since our tickets went on sale in April – so if you’ve been wanting to join us in Salt Lake City, jump on these tickets right away. Have you checked out our awesome list of classes & teachers? Make sure to spread the word if you’ve got friends & family that want to attend!

And if you are lucky enough to already have snagged a ticket, we can’t wait to see you next month!


  1. Can you please share with us the Bernina models that we will be using at Sewing Summit? I’m very excited to try them out!

  2. I am very excited. I have 2 Bernina and will be coming with my list of questions.

  3. This is really great news! I was just wondering if we will get any details about the number of machines and what hours open sew is. It would be great to know before I pack up my own machine and fly international with it. Sewing on Bernina’s seems like a fun alternative for sure!

    • Hi Kelsey! Here’s the information about the machines & open sewing. It’s been the experience in the past that there’s been plenty of space in open sewing at night, but you’re more than welcome to bring your own machine too!

  4. 激安citizen シチズン

  5. This is very exciting! I don’t think I’ve ever sewn on a Bernina and am looking forwards to giving them spin!

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