Download a full class schedule with class descriptions, supply & prep lists here:

Sewing Summit 2012 schedule & prep list

(updated 9/23/12)



Ship Shape Totea hands-on sewing workshop
Teacher: Alexia Abegg from Green Bee Patterns

In this fun bag class we will be sewing through most of the steps of the Ship Shape tote from Green Bee Patterns. You will learn basic bag construction using fusible interfacing, magnetic snap installation, and how to make professional looking bag handles. We will also have a trunk show at the end of class to show creative variations of this simple pattern.








Metal Frame Poucha hands-on sewing workshop
Teacher: Kelly Bowser from KelbySews (formerly I Like Orange, Too)

Making metal frame pouches is a snap! This class will take you from start to finish. We will discuss different frame shapes and how to make your own pattern. Then we will get to work making one! Working with an 8×3 frame, you’ll learn all the tricks to creating a pouch or purse of your own.




Advanced Bag Constructiona lecture session
Teacher: Sara Lawson from Sew Sweetness

Have you already accomplished sewing up a simple tote bag? Then take your bag-making to the next level! Learn about 7 different interfacings that will give your bags structure and shape. You will also be taught a whole bag of tricks to give your purses a professional, store-bought look, including: darts, gussets, grommets, attaching fabric or leather handles, using a variety of purse hardware, adding piping, pockets (from simple to 3-dimensional), how to insert magnetic snaps and purse feet, and a variety of ways to use the zipper.


Idea Poucha hands-on sewing workshop
Teacher: Michelle Webster from Michelle Patterns

Carry your ideas one handy pouch and free up some space in your head!  This special pouch is designed to carry an X-Large Moleskine Cahier (or iPad!). There is one main pouch for a journal, plus a second pleated pouch on the front.  The pleated front pouch makes it simple to get inside the pouch and allows it expand.  A divided pen slip pocket is built into the back of the pleated front pouch, so your always have favorite writing/drawing tools with you. We will complete the pouch in class so you can use it for the rest of Sewing Summit!  While we stitch up our pouches I’ll talk about some of my favorite sewing tips for sewing small items.  These tips will include some tricks I use for almost every accessory project.  We’ll also cover additional trimming techniques to make handling multiple layers of fabric/interfacing/padding easier and allowing for better finished results.



An ‘e’ or ‘i’ Casea hands-on serger workshop
Teacher: Heather Scrimsher from Fiberosity

If you have an e-reader, Kindle, Nook, iPad, iPhone, Android, tablet or any similar device that is woefully unprotected, this is the class for you! We will be hands-on in a  classroom full of amazing Babylock sergers. During the class, we will be both embellishing fabric using decorative thread and constructing “cheater” mini quilts that will become a case for any one of these technology wonders. You will leave with a finished case for any of these gadgets and if you are not a gadget person, this case will also conveniently fit a steno pad or small sketchbook.



Down and Dirty Patternmaking Skills for Childrensweara lecture session
Teacher: Carrie Lundell from This Mama Makes Stuff

In this class you will learn tricks and tips for creating perfectly imperfect patterns for childrenswear while learning to avoid classic patternmaking pitfalls from a Type B personality teacher.  Not only will you leave with the skills to create garments that fit beautifully, you will leave with the ability to translate style ideas to finished product, opening up a world of design possibilities. Basic garment construction skills required to get the most out of the class.  Type A’s welcome as long as you can deal with “eyeballing it”, “good enough” and “freehanding”.


Perfect Pocketsa hands-on sewing workshop
Teacher: Deborah Moebes from Whipstitch Fabrics

Secretly, I think everything should have pockets, and I do mean everything: clothes and handbags and quilts and crafty things.  All of it is better when there’s a bitty little pocket there to spice it up.  In this hands-on class, learn to make seven styles of pocket: patch, in two styles; flap; in-seam; zippered; bound/slash; welt; and cutaway hip.  You’ll meet some unusual variations of each style, and learn two of them in-depth during the workshop!  Leave with your finished reference samples along with a mini-workbook and templates to guide you as you create these pockets on your own once you get back home.  You’ll be ready for pocket madness!


Lounge Pantsa hands-on sewing workshop
Teacher: Jana Nielson from Izzy & Ivy Designs

A pair of comfy lounge pants is a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. In this class we will make the perfect pair of lounge pants, going step by step through cutting the fabric and finishing them with an elastic and draw string waste band. Wear them for late night sewing and lazy mornings. Go home with the skills to make more at home in any fabric you want!


Handmade Wardrobea lecture session
Teacher: Mena Trott from The Sew Weekly

Have you ever wanted to sew your own wardrobe but have managed to come up with a ton of excuses why it’s an impossible endeavor? In this session, we’ll cut through those excuses and leave you inspired and ready to start sewing yourself some fabulous garments.


Special Occasion Sewinga lecture session
Teacher: Sarai Mitnick from Colette Patterns

Holiday season is coming, and with it the perfect excuse to sew yourself something really amazing to wear. If you’re intimidated by special occasion sewing or don’t know where to begin, this talk will guide you through planning and creating your dream dress. We’ll talk about classic types of dresses and gowns, designing your dress, working with fine fabrics such as silks, specialty techniques for things like velvet and lace, structure and support, and adding details. Whether you’re tackling your own wedding dress or just want an amazing dress for the office holiday soiree, you’ll come away with the ability to manage a wonderfully creative and challenging sewing project.


Make ‘n’ Take a Knit Topa hands-on sewing workshop
Teacher: Sunni Standing from A Fashionable Stitch

This class is dedicated to sewing up a perfect basic tee for yourself! Armed with the Sewaholic’s Renfrew T-shirt pattern, we’ll go from cut to finish, learning the ins and outs of working with knits. We’ll be learning how to handle and stitch up knits using a basic sewing machine, get a perfect fit, plus tips and tricks on how to modify your pattern to create several different versatile styles. You’ll walk away with knowledge on knits, a stylish, finished t-shirt and a pattern to go home and make up several more. Geared towards beginning and intermediate sewists, you’re sure to have fun with a sprinkling of style to boot!


Jersey Maxi Skirta hands-on serger workshop
Teacher: Leanne Barlow from Elle Apparel

Students in this class you will be able to walk away their very own custom maxi skirt, complete with a fold down yoga waistband.  Maxi skirts are a great on trend fashion staple this summer, so why not make one!  You don’t have to be an advanced sewer to make this skirt, and every student in my class will get to sew with a Baby Lock serger. With a few measurements and some straight seams, I will help guide you to creating the most comfortable skirt ever!


Serger Ruffle Scarfa hands-on serger workshop
Teacher: Baby Lock

Did you know you can whip up a trendy scarf on your serger in no time? Discover how easy it is to create ruffles by changing a few quick settings on your machine. Once you have the technique down you can add ruffles to any project you want!




Geared For Guysa lecture session
Teacher: Emily Herrick from Crazy Old Lady Quilts

‘Geared for Guys’ takes a closer look at an area in the quilting world that stumps all of us. This class will focus on giving you the confidence you need to step outside of your quilting box to make a quilt for that special guy in your life that is not only functional but on that he will LOVE too. We’ll talk about color, fabric selection, choosing a design and machine quilting styles. Based on my new book by the same title. Can’t wait to see you there!


Precision Piecinga hands-on sewing workshop
Teacher: Amy Ellis from Amy’s Creative Side

Love the idea of quilting, but not sure where to start? Join me as we start at the very beginning – rotary cutter basics, accurate 1/4″ seams, strip piecing, chain piecing, pressing and trimming. You’ll also learn about the anatomy of a quilt, quilting vocabulary, and be set on a path to finish your first quilt. We will put all these new skills to the test with a mini quilt top I’ve designed just for beginners!


Curves Mini Quilta hands-on sewing workshop
Teacher: Christina Lane from The Sometimes Crafter

Learn to precisely piece curves and turn them into a mini-quilt. This class will focus on working with curves, from cutting to piecing, with special tips and tricks along the way and the different options available. Once the blocks are completed, discussion will move to sandwiching and quilting, as well as binding options and instruction to complete your 18″ x 18″mini.  This class is suitable for intermediate sewists with at least a basic understanding of piecing and quilting, but little to no knowledge of piecing curves.


Advanced Quilting: Shapes and Anglesa hands-on sewing workshop
Teachers: Kati Spencer from From the Blue Chair and Faith Jones from Fresh Lemons Quilts

This quilting class will focus on skills and techniques needed to machine piece shapes including diamonds, triangles, and hexagons.  Students will learn how to cut these shapes with a standard quilting ruler and successfully piece and match seams.  Instruction will also be provided on Y-seams and partial seams.  Some previous quilting experience helpful.


Advanced Quilting: Foundation Paper Piecinga hands-on sewing workshop
Teachers: Elizabeth Dackson from Don’t Call Me Betsy and Lee Heinrich from Freshly Pieced

In this class, attendees will learn the basics of foundation piecing. Stars, string blocks, “picture” blocks, and pinpoint-accurate seams of all types are within reach with this technique!  In this hands-on class, Lee and Elizabeth will take attendees through the process of creating a basic string block, as well as a more complex foundation-pieced pattern such as a star. There will be time for practice and asking your foundation-piecing questions as well.


English Paper Piecinga hands-on sewing workshop
Teacher: Katy Jones from I’m a Ginger Monkey

In this introduction to English Paper Piecing, Katy will talk you through the basics, from where to get paper templates, to how to cut and baste fabrics and assembly. We will look at effective fussy cutting to enhance your work, and how one block can look different with simple fabric placement changes. Katy will show you examples of work using a variety of different shapes, and by the end of class you will have made a start on your own English Paper Pieced project. Suitable for both absolute beginners and those that may have tried hexagons are looking to branch out into something a little different.


Sewing, etc


Finishing Detailsa lecture session
Teacher: Anna Graham from Noodlehead

It’s all in the details….piping, bias tape, trims, linings, tags, stamping, patchwork.  Discover, branch out, add that special touch to your next project.  Take something basic and add a twist – make it uniquely you.  This lecture style class will inspire you to get sewing and make all your projects ‘you’.  Enjoy the possibilities and put your creativity to the test.  Just because a pattern or project is shown a certain way doesn’t mean you can’t add your stamp on it!


Creative Fabric Selectiona lecture session
Teacher: Jeni Baker from In Color Order

Ready to mix things up and move beyond sewing with single fabric collections?  In this class, you’ll learn how to put together unique color and fabric schemes for your quilting and sewing projects! Let’s take the fear out of color! From color wheel basics to scale, pattern, and color scheme building, we’ll get you thinking about fabric and color in a different way!


Zippers!a hands-on sewing workshop
Teacher: Sara Lawson from Sew Sweetness

Fear the zipper no more! Practice hands-on techniques to install the zipper in 3 different ways: install a top zip (as for a zippered pouch), a zippered panel (such as for a bag panel or a pillow cover), and a zippered pocket for a bag. Also, we’ll talk about installing an invisible zipper using the regular zipper foot on your machine, which can be used in bags and garments.


Why Fabric, and Other Important Design Decisionsa lecture session
Teacher: Thomas Knauer from Thomas Knauer Sews

Starting with the first inkling of an idea, this class will walk through the development of a fabric collection, exploring the conceptual and aesthetic considerations that go into creating a line of fabric. The class will emphasize issues of generating ideas, color, scale, and cohesion, though technical issues and the practicalities of the business will also be discussed.


Blogging & Social Media


Website Designa lecture session
Teacher: Melissa Esplin from I Still Love You

Paying a graphic designer for pretty branding is fantastic when you have the spare change, but good design doesn’t have to be expensive or elusive. Learn from a graphic designer and fellow sewist the key elements of good blog design and the resources available for you to achieve it on your own sites and within your own budget.


Successful Blogginga lecture session
Teacher: Tauni Everett from SNAP! Conference

With more than two blogs created per second, how can you make yours stand out in the crowd? Learn the principles used to grow a successful blog that keeps on going, despite being in a crowded market. Learn the importance of defining your blog’s identity, as well as social media basics that will help you grow and how to snag those elusive sponsors.


Photographya lecture session
Teacher: Vanessa Hewell from Little Big Girl Studio

Whether you need better product shots for your shop or want those “wow” photos of your kids in the outfits you made for your next blog post; this class is for you! Learn how to get great photos of your creations within your own home/yard without having to break the bank. I’ll share with you lots of tips and tricks including improving your composition, how to utilize available light, how to create interesting backdrops,  getting the most from your camera, and more!  A slide show of before/after images including “pull backs” will give you a behind the scenes glimpse of my tips and tricks in action. All skill levels and camera types {point & shoot/DSLR} are welcome.