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Janome HD3000


The Janome HD3000 is a sturdy sewing machine that is also very easy to use.  It is a mechanical machine and is powerful enough to sew through thick fabrics easily.  It has 18 built-in stitches and a built-in needle threader. Owners, for the most part, praise the HD3000 but there are some issues.

Consumer Ratings
On Amazon the HD3000 has been given a rating of 4.3 stars by 121 consumers. It has a rating of 4.8 stars on Overstock and 4.6 stars on Sewing Machines Plus. Other websites give it very similar scores and fairly positive reviews.

Some of the lower ratings were the result of repair difficulties due to warranty discrepancies between Janome itself and the resellers who sold the machine. There were also a few comments related to issues with the bobbin and, oddly enough, a few indicating that the machine only sewed in reverse (customers promptly returned these for a refund or replacement).

Consumer Insights
Most consumers are in agreement that this model is capable of sewing heavy duty fabrics or multiple layers of fabric (one consumer reports sewing through 6 layers of twill fabric easily). Other useful positive insights include:

– The machine is easy to use and quick to assemble.
– The 7-piece feed dog helps to ensure smooth sewing and less hang ups.
– The presser foot storage in the top of the machine is useful and convenient.
– It has a powerful motor, but still sews quietly.
– It is a great starter machine because it has enough features to satisfy as one becomes an intermediate sewist.
– It is excellent for sewing denim, making it useful for patching clothing.
– It has a free arm for easily sewing cuffs or doll clothing.
– It comes with an easy-to-follow instruction manual.

Janome HD3000 Top Opens

There were, however, a few issues reported with this model. The most common one is that sewing multiple buttonholes one after another can be a bit difficult. The machine is setup in such a way that the sensor has to be reset after each one. Other difficulties reported by owners include:

– It only offers a limited number of stitch options. Although, it is worth noting that those options include all of the basic stitches, as well as some of the most popular fancier stitch options.
– Some folks have difficulty winding the bobbin and also point out that it sometime jams (even though it is supposed to have a jam proof bobbin system).
– If any problems arise, it can be difficult to determine how to get the machine repaired due to warranty conflicts between Janome and resellers.

The Janome HD3000 has an aluminum frame and weighs 18.7lbs. As a result some may find it a bit on the hefty side for taking to classes or moving from place to place.

The following video is a demonstration of the HD3000 and is useful if you are not familiar with the machine:

The HD3000 has many features.  The key ones are provided below:
– 18 Stitches
– 1-Step Buttonhole
– Built-In Needle Threader
– Foot Pressure Adjustment
– Reverse Stitch Lever
– Dial Stitch Selector
– Top Drop-In Jam Proof Bobbin System
– 7-Piece Feed Dog
– Snap On Presser Feet
– 6.5mm Max Stitch Width
– 4mm Max Stitch Length
– Extra-High Presser Foot Lift
– Free Arm
– Built-in Thread Cutter
– Push-Pull Bobbin Winder
– Manual, Lay-In Thread Tension
– Horizontal, Full Rotary Hook Bobbin System
– Convenient Stitch Chart Inside Top Cover
– On-Board Top Storage
– Hard Cover
– Foot Pedal

Janome HD3000 Stitches

The HD3000 comes with several useful accessories, including 7 presser feet: hemmer, blind stitch hem, overedge, zipper, zigzag, automatic buttonhole, and transparent buttonhole. It also comes with extra bobbins, needles, a seam ripper, a quilting bar, a lint brush, and a screwdriver.

Janome HD3000 Accessories

A hard plastic case is included, along with an instruction manual. It is worth noting that there are HD3000 models available on certain resale websites, such as Amazon, that do come with extra accessories as well. That package includes extra bobbins and needles, as well as an ultra glide foot.  You can see that here if you like.

Warranty Details
Janome does offer a 25-year limited warranty on this model. However, several users, on attempting to take advantage of that warranty service, were told that the reseller’s warranty trumps Janome’s during the first year of ownership. So, service options may vary, depending on where the machine is purchased. Also, even when covered by the Janome warranty, users had to find certified repair facilities near their homes or pay shipment costs and wait for quite a while to get their machines returned to them.  We suggest you read our article on the Janome Warranty – we received this information directly from Janome itself.

The Janome HD3000 is a capable machine and is able to meet the needs of most sewists. It is fairly powerful and can sew through tough fabric or multiple layers of fabric. The machine is also easy to setup and very easy to use.  It is a good unit for the experienced seamstress and is also user-friendly enough for beginners or even children and teens.  However, it has a limited number of stitches and some owners report issues with the bobbin.

Sewing Machine Manual
The manual for this model can be found here: Janome HD3000 Manual.  It is a very detailed manual and the file itself is also large (may take a while to open).



Janome 2212


Affordable. Easy. Solid. These three words describe the Janome 2212 sewing machine quite well. This is one of the less expensive Janome machines and it comes with a limited number of stitches, but it is a good machine and is particularly well-suited for beginning sewists. The 2212 is a mechanical sewing machine – it is not computerized. It has a durable, solid feel and is also very easy to use. Some owners report that it is a bit noisy however and that the thread can sometimes jam in the bobbin case.

Owner Ratings
Consumer ratings from sites across the web indicate that the 2212 generally receives 4 stars out of 5 or higher, although there are a few lower scores. Lower scores are in the minority however. On Amazon this sewing machine has scored an average 4.6 stars out of 5 by over 220 owners.

Consumer Insights
This is a basic sewing machine with no fancy features and a limited number of stitches. Most owners find the machine easy to use and it is touted as a great machine for beginning sewists. Many, many folks report buying the 2212 for a child or grandchild who is learning to sew. Despite its simple interface, the 2212 is still a good machine for the experienced seamstress. A thorough review of all owner comments has shown what owners like and what they dislike. We’ve recorded these below:

– Reasonable price for a Janome
– Easy to setup and use
– Sews through thick fabrics
– Feels solid and durable
– Runs smoothly

– Thread can sometimes jam in bobbin case
– Noisier than some would like
– Reports of needles breaking

The unit rates very highly in terms of ease of use. In addition, the manual is easy to read, has good illustrations and is fairly straightforward. You will find a link to the manual at the bottom of this article.

A number of folks report buying the 2212 to take to sewing classes. Its light weight makes it quite portable. Although we would like to point out that a lightweight machine often has both pros and cons. Indeed for the 2212 there are a couple of reports that its light weight results in the machine pulling away while sewing, although these are few. For the most part people report that the unit “stays put” while you are sewing.

While the machine has many positive comments, a number of owners do report that thread sometimes gets stuck or jammed in the bobbin case. Also, there are occasionally issues with needles breaking, and there is no foot pressure adjustment capability.

You can read more consumer reviews on Amazon if you want.

Sewing Machine Features
– 12 built-in stitches (chosen via a dial)
– Drop feed capable
– Free arm
– 5-piece feed dog
– Stitch length & width adjustable
– Max stitch width = 4mm
– Max stitch length = 5mm
– 1 four step buttonhole
– Snap-on presser feet
– Reverse button/lever
– Front loading bobbin
– Max sewing speed of 860 stitches per minute
– Manual tension control
– Built-in thread cutter
– Lamp (incandescent)
– Push-pull bobbin winder
– 2 needle positions
– Extra high presser foot lift

The stitch chart is stamped on the front of the machine for easy access. You can select one of the 12 stitches via the stitch selector dial. To the best of our knowledge the 12 stitches on the 2212 are: straight, zigzag, overcasting, tricot, knit, blind stitch hemming, straight stretch, buttons, buttonhole, corded buttonhole, shell tuck, and zipper application.

You can see the stitches in the image below:

Janome 2212 Stitches
In addition, the sewing machine comes with several accessories including 3 presser feet (blind foot, buttonhole foot, zipper foot). There is also an instruction manual, a needle set, a small screwdriver, a bobbin, a seam ripper, a foot control and a vinyl dust cover.

Janome 2212 Accessories

The 2212 weighs a lightweight 13 lbs and has a fold-down carry handle. It also has a 6.5 inch work area (from the needle to the right side), and is UL listed.

With respect to warranty, promotional materials highlight that the unit has a 25 year limited warranty. This really means:
– 25-years on defective materials and workmanship
– 5-years on electronic component parts
– 1-year on labor

Also, there are often questions about whether a Janome sewing machine carries a full warranty when bought through a third party like Amazon. We’ve contacted Janome America, Inc. and we received an interesting response which you can read here: Janome Warranty.

A durable lightweight sewing machine, the Janome 2212 is great for beginners and more experienced sewists alike. It is very easy to use and is also a good choice for those interested in taking their machine to classes – and for any portable sewing machine needs. There are only a small number of stitches however and some folks have found that thread sometimes gets stuck or jammed in the bobbin case and needles sometimes break.

Sewing Machine Manual
View the Janome 2212 sewing machine manual.



Janome Warranty USA

Janome-WarrantyAfter reading many consumer comments, reviews and ratings from a host of retail websites we found that people were frequently asking the same question about Janome sewing machines:

“Is the warranty valid if you buy through a site like Amazon?”

This is an important question because you don’t want to buy a new Janome sewing machine only to find out you have no warranty – and this does happen.  Also, many, many buyers are purchasing their machines through Amazon or other third party sellers.  In addition, review websites that analyze and investigate Janome machines – like “Sewing-Machine-Ratings.com” – often send potential buyers to sites like Amazon.  In short, many roads lead to Amazon, so it is key to understand whether you will get a warranty

We did some research but were unable to determine a precise answer with respect to the warranty validity. The information was more complex than expected – so we contacted Janome and asked them. Here is what they told us:

Janome America, Inc. distributes Janome sewing machines, sergers, and accessories through a network of authorized Janome dealers.  As a distributor, we do not sell directly to the general public via mail order or the Internet.

Janome machines sold new on Amazon.com would come with the Janome warranty if they are listed as either “Ships from and sold by Amazon.com” or “Ships from and sold by [insert the name of one of our authorized Janome dealers selling on Amazon.com]”.  Please note that there are third-party sellers selling on Amazon.com.  If you purchase from one of these third-party sellers who is NOT an authorized Janome dealer, your machine will NOT have a Janome warranty.  Please visit our official website, www.janome.com, and click on either “Where to Buy” or “Find a Dealer” to confirm if the Amazon seller you are interested in purchasing from is an authorized Janome dealer.  You will need to know the seller’s zip code in order to search using our Dealer Locator. 

Your options for warranty service during the first year of ownership would differ depending on if you purchase the machine directly from Amazon.com or from one of our authorized dealers selling on Amazon.com.

1)If you purchase directly from Amazon.com (listed as “Ships from and sold by Amazon.com”):

The one year of free labor offered in the warranty is only available through our Service Department in New Jersey.  Shipping charges and parts not covered under the warranty are your responsibility as per the warranty.  If you were to need service during the first year you would need to contact us at 1-800-631-0183 x774 so that we may obtain a repair authorization number.  Please do not send the machine to us without contacting us first as our Service Department cannot accept a machine without a repair authorization number.

2) If you purchase from an authorized Janome dealer selling on Amazon.com:

The one year of free labor offered in the warranty is only available through the Janome dealer from whom you purchased the machine on Amazon.com.  If you were to need service during the first year of ownership, you would need to contact the dealer from whom you purchased.  Shipping charges and parts not covered under the warranty are your responsibility as per the warranty. 

The following applies no matter whether you have purchased under circumstance 1 or 2 above:

If, during the first year of ownership, you would like to bring your machine to a local authorized Janome dealer for service, they can charge you a labor fee during the first year since they did not sell the machine to you.  After one year, the free labor clause no longer applies and you can bring your machine to any authorized Janome dealer in your area for service.  Upon presentation of the sales receipt you received from Amazon.com at the time of purchase, any Janome dealer can obtain parts covered under warranty for you.

Please note:  The warranty is only valid in the United States.

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